Dette er et Roadmap over nye funktioner til easebooking. Overblikket viser alt fra brainstorm, kundeforespørgsler og, hvad der er blevet udvilket. Alle funktioner der er beskrevet til dette bookingsystem er, hvad du kan forvente at easebooking kan håndtere i fremtiden. Derudover er der en tilknyttet en forventet release periode for alle funktioner til bookingsystemet.

Hvis du har spørgsmål til ønsker til nye funktioner så kontakt os på


List of Participants – Q1 2018

Download a list of participants as a PDF-file.

iCal integration – Q1 2018

An iCal integration at product level. This lets users get a calendar feed in ie. Google Calendar of each upcoming event.

Multiple Language – Q1 2018

Create multiple languages on products and terms & conditions.

User Notifications – Q2 2018

Get notifications within easebooking when important stuff happens.

Voucher codes – Q2 2018

Lets customers create a booking with a voucher from other experience portals ie. DuGlemmerDetAldrig or others.

Discount Codes – Q3 2018

Create discount codes that are time-limited, order-limited or create unique discount codes. Discount codes are typed in by customers in the checkout flow.

Team Planner – Q4 2018

A full-on planning tool within easebooking for your entire team. Add team members to different roles. Add team members to specific events. Let team members create a request for specific events.

Get a dashboard of which events have adequate and inadequate team members assigned to them.

In Progress

Order Card – Q4 2017

A complete overview of all information to a specific booking order.

 Overview – Q1 2018

A list overview of transaction-IDs and booking-IDs. This allows your accountant to pair specific orders to bank transfers from easebooking.

Optimization – Q1 2018

A comprehensive focus to kill bugs, increase speed and create a better code structure for scalability.


Free Products – Q4 2017

Create free products (0 DKK).

Custom Fields – Q4 2017

Collect specific information from each guest like food allergies, weight, height etc.

Minimum Required Bookings – Q4 2017

Create an email alert if an event does not meet the minimum required number of bookings. The alert is sent out to the admin a week before the event is executed.

Custom Accounts – Q4 2017

Create a custom account with Stripe for automated transfers to your bank account.

Experience Review – Q3 2017

Easebooking will send out an email with a link to let your customers review your products.

Waitlist – Q3 2017

If a product has no bookable dates in the future then customers can add their email to a waitlist. They will get a notification when the admin creates new events for that specific product.

Multiple-day Event – Q2 2017

Create an event that stretches over more than one day, say, a weekend.